Grab rail railing standard steel top for 1 or 2 steps attaches to a wall or post easy installation! With Hardware



The EZ Grab Rail is a standard stock item that has a set pitch matching the most common step rise and run of 7 over 12 inches about 60 degrees after the bend. It should be appropriate for most customers who have just one or two small rises/steps. You will need to attach directly to a wall, strong post, or column. As with other EZ Rail products you’ll find it surprisingly sturdy. Listing is for the metal rail only the board is just a prop.

The back plate and top rail is bent from one piece of 3/8 x 1 1/2 bar. The support is bent to a gentle curve and welded in place. It weighs in at 10 pounds per railing.

Size is critical: The rail protrudes 1 foot – 8 inches from the wall use a measuring device to see if that is long enough or too. long. I will make this smaller at no charge. I can’t make them much longer because of the lever principle. Our railings with posts can be modified for tight entry ways if this rail is too short.

Installation is so easy. Just set the rail to a proper height–mark and drill your holes. Secure in wood with lag bolts, in block or brick with concrete anchors.

This makes the EZ Grab Rail much stronger than other do-it-yourself options. By default steel products are shipped pre-coated with grey primer.

There is now an option for finish paint colors Black, White, or Hammered Brown. Dry time adds one day to shipping. Also please be aware that there is no perfect way to protect the finish and you may have to do touch up before or after installation.

Additional information

Paint Option

Black, grey primer only, Hammered Brown, White

Hardware Options Grab

Brick or Block Anchors, Wood Anchors


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