Shipping: We strive to carefully protect all our items but in some cases rough handling during shipping may result in scratches or chipping.  It is expected that the customer will be able to touch up this sort of damage.  Our white and hammered brown paints are available at most stores.  Our black paint is a special product and we can send a touch up bottle at your request.  This applies also to damage during installation.  If more significant damage occurs or pieces are lost in shipment we will send replacements at our expense.  If paint damage is significant customers can request a credit for the price of the paint.

Returns:  If for any reason you need to return your railing kit, there will be a fifteen percent restocking fee. Also the buyer will be responsible for return shipping fees.  If you cancel before we ship the order, only the restocking fees apply. You must also contact us within 45 days of the railing being delivered in order to receive any refund. Customer railings with significant customization cannot be returned. We give much attention to these modifications and usually prepare drawings for your approval.  If for any reason a railing doesn’t fit or we made any mistake in the production it is our preference to build and send a replacement.  In such cases the original piece may be returned at our expense.

We truly strive to satisfy our customers and have never stuck a customer with a rail they could not use.