Beyond the standard sizes and styles offered in the on line store we can make a variety of custom rails. From the list below you can click on the links provided to open PDF(s) which demonstrate numerous customization options. Up to date pricing is included in the descriptions. Be sure to download the measurement guide as a companion when indicated. We hope these new guides will assist us in serving you with greater speed and accuracy.

Available Customization

Shipping Restrictions: Railing longer than 8 feet will have a splice point. Shipping these types of rail in one piece would be cost prohibitive. A splice point is simply a place where the rail will bolt together during installation; otherwise normal installation methods apply.

Railing with a deep bend may also require a splice point. Special packaging and shipping charges may apply.

Please call, text, or e-mail us with a detailed description of your situation; hand drawn pictures and/or photos are often helpful. Include all the measurements as indicated in the custom style you are choosing. In other cases at least provide the nose to nose measurement, the rise and run of the steps, the number of treads, whether the rail will go on the right or left hand side, and any other helpful notes. Be sure to leave contact information for follow up questions. In just a few days we can build and ship a rail that meets your specific needs at a cost that meets your budget