In Ground Method–download the PDF version for your convenience

EZ Rail In Ground Installation Method Are the tops of your steps more than 16” above the ground? You will need longer posts. The hand rail must be about36 inches above the step and at least 12 inches into the ground. Contact us for custom order!
in ground sketch

Step 1: Locate the spots for your holes.
Attach the posts of your EZ Rail using the hardware provided, but don’t tighten completely. Have an assistant hold the rail level while you mark where the holes for your post should be dug. Tip: Split the difference between the top and bottom steps so the posts are evenly spaced. The rail looks best if the posts are centered next to a step.

Locate Holes

Step 2: Dig your holes.
Dig a hole a foot deep for each post. Depth is important. If your posts are not deep enough, the railing can not support the stress of a person loosing his balance. Serious injury could occur!

check height above step

Step 3: Set the height of your rail.
Measure 36 inches from the top of the step to the top of the hand rail. Then dig your holes deeper or cut the posts shorter using a hacksaw. Mark all cuts carefully!

Imagecheck for levelStep 4: Position your Posts.

Use a level to set your posts vertically. You will need to check two perpendicular sides of each post, to ensure it’s not leaning forward or sideways. You may need to use clamps and supports to hold this position until the cement hardens.

ImageStep 5: Fill your holes.
Mix concrete according to directions, and pour into the holes. Be careful to make sure your rail stays at the proper height and that the posts are straight up and down as the cement hardens.
If you order gray primer only. This must be covered with rust-protecting paint. Do this before or after installation.   Touch up any nicks caused by shipping and installation. Maintain your rail in the future by sanding down rust spots, and repainting. This will help your railing stay beautiful for years to come.